Declaration 20080427

Morning raindrops


  • I’m committed to a new day, the only NOW day.
  • I need to be Clear and Unlimited in every moment. I need to slow time down and make this one count. I need to be Infinite between the moments.
  • I’m willing to pay a price of doing it all over again down the road of today
  • The payoff will be an island with many ports of contact.

My spirits have been down the last few days and yesterday I was really feeling lonely. I want to acknowledge (first to myself) that I created a space of support yesterday. Although down I didn’t give up. In this perseverance I believe I created the context of support which I received from family and friends throughout the evening. My BEING yesterday was one where I needed support, a phone call, a txt, just something to let me know someone knows I’m in the box as well. In turn I have woken on a rainy day with only sunshine in my heart. I see how wonderful it is to receive from those I have recently given to.

I’m acknowledging this need yesterday but it was only a conscious thought for a moment. The rest of my needs were in my being. I accomplished what I needed but it was a result from a long standing context. I’m aware I got what I needed through this context because of who I AM and how I BE lately. Stop inviting Doubtful Dave over, please. He gets in the way of some extra ordinary results.