Global Oneness Project

I just came upon Global Oneness Project. From the About section:

The Global Oneness Project is a web-based video initiative exploring how the simple notion of oneness can be lived in our increasingly complex world.

We’re traveling the globe interviewing creative and courageous people who base their lives and work on the fundamental understanding that we are all connected and thus bear great responsibility for each other and our shared world. Our living library of films is available for free from our website or on DVD for events and educational use.

My personal awareness and new interest in oneness is giving me renewed energy for myself, a part of the whole. So as I seek to understand all the possibilities of Oneness I’m more than delighted to see how this project defines ONENESS. In part:

… we can work together to help create a world that consciously reflects the values of oneness: freedom, compassion, abundance, and respect for all life.

Make it a great day