Declaration 20080607

I’m experiencing construction noise, traffic, bird song, breeze from the window, roommate moving around, the need to wipe my sleepy face, my new bedroom setup…

I AM Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Loving, Peaceful and an Exciting FREE Man!

  • Today I’m committed to be the result known as myself. To own the thoughts I have. To have what I have.
  • I need to be extra ordinary. I AM ENERGY!
  • I’m willing to accidentally deliver energy to the wrong context. I’m willing to continually audit my experience.
  • The payoff will be a happier I under the ego. To be closer to the One with the laughter that comes from nothing.



  • Isabel Bank

    Yes you are!
    Wait, isn’t it everyday Friday for you? LOL
    Have an awesome time with your BONES!

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