Declaration 20080608


  • I am committed today to a day of travel. I’m committed today to give my dad a BIG huge in Florida. I’m committed to experience the pre-chatter in my head and love it. I’m committed to a powerful week taking a stand for life and BEing the example for the result I want to see in this world.
  • I need to live in my contract. I need to be patient and live in the question.
  • I’m willing to explore new avenues in the sports car of intention. I’m willing to experience my emotions and convey them so others understand. I’m willing to do this under intense heat and sun!
  • My payoff is to be the result. To live with new discoveries within old relationships.

To share, I’ll be visiting my father/wife, my 91 year old grandmother, my ex-wife, college friend/wife/children, cousin/husband/adopted child. Every one of them has a story and I’m looking forward to being a short part of it in person.

    L8r friends!


    • Yoram

      Awsome David! Have a wonderful time in Florida. Looking forward you telling me all about it when you get back.

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