Declaration 20080611

I’m experiencing a yawn, itchy eyes, low hum of traffic far off, morning light, stillness, joy, amazement as I look out the window, a pelican flying, a bird eating a fish, life…

I AM Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Peaceful, Loving and an Exciting FREE Man!

  • I’m committed today to continue my vacation and be here in body and mind. I’m also committed to continue my stand with energy! Never knowing the answer. Continually discovering in the question.
  • I need to be a Super Man, a Son, a Grandson, a Friend. I need to be Empowerment.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of not Being the status quo. I’m willing to pay the price of living and sharing my experience. I’m willing to pay a price for the payoff of life.
  • My payoff will be a family in communication. A family that spans the globe. A new definition of family for everyone. Oneness.