Biking the Big Apple

Kristin & George I enjoyed a late morning ride into the city today. My motivation was to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, she needed to go into the city to pick up some Sonic Youth tix and then plug that into me waking up thinking about riding today… I was more than happy to join her.

Met at the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg bridge, rode over, looped around to the East River park and followed the bike path all the way around the southern tip of Manhattan to the Winter Garden just above Battery park on the West side. So all that experience went pretty smooth with the bike path stopping for a short distance in two places. Definitely a lot of changes in the last year. I got us into a little pedestrian trouble. But it’s Sat. and there is no rush.

The cool part that is making me write this is the return to Brooklyn. On the radio and from people I’ve been listening to all the changes the city has been doing to improve the bicycle experience in the boroughs and to my surprise they are more than evident on the street. It’s a great start and a wonderful experience on the bike. From the west side highway we started to head east on Houston and just a few blocks in we came across a city traffic sign pointing us to the East side! It was just so easy that I couldn’t stop pointing it out. My friend was just laughing at me.

I’m off to check out the NYC DOT website. Check out all the paths by downloading the NYC bicycle map.

Do you have any suggestions or points you’d like to make about riding a bicycle in the city? I’m all (g)ears if you have something to say. (I had to do it… sorry)