Declaration 20080701

The thoughts in my head can at best point to the truth, but it never is the truth. My very BEing is the Truth.

I AM The Truth!

  • I AM committed to my natural state, my original self, where all my actions and relationships will reflect the oneness with all life that I sense deep within.
  • I need to BE my Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Peaceful, Loving and Exciting contract! I need to DO the actions it takes to be the source.
  • I’m willing to be confused when my thoughts visit but more importantly sore from the activity of releasing. I’m willing to realize everyday is day 1.
  • My payoff will be aligned energy. Active and FREE from the frozen state my thoughts keep me in.

Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire. Arab Proverb

My first experiences motivated me today. Starting with some amazing historical Canadian music on NPR, then a great story about desire on a new blog I’m reading (37Days), which then migrated to read quotations and finally me opening up A New Earth and looking at some of my notes.