What things have i learned in my life?

Good question.

What have you learned in your life so far?
What is it that you are fairly sure about?
What is it that you believe in by now?

Explore this question and responses @ things i have learned in my life. On this site, they ask these questions and you can contribute your life answers.

The site is a continuation of Stefan Sagmeister’s book
Stefan talks on TED: Stefan Sagmeister: Yes, design can make you happy


  • Evan

    What I’ve learned…

    1. The only constant and enduring phenomenon is that there is no permanence in the world…Unfortunately, my hairline subscribes to the same notion.

    2. Creation serves as the sole tool for humans to discover who we are and where we are coming from. The paradox? Perpetual creation is what limits us from actualizing our full potentials.  

    3. We are who we want to be.

    4. Joy, success, love, and virtually all notions of progress come from commitment to a cause greater than oneself.

    5. Women do not respond well to insincerity.

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