Declaration 20080720

Good Day to US!

I AM the Spaces!

  • I’m committed to my space and possibilities I create. I’m committed to the space within, the space between, the space beyond.
  • I need to be Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Loving, Peaceful and an Exciting Man. I need to be continually aware.
  • I’m willing to have what I have. I’m willing to sweat it out while working it out.
  • The payoff is a wonderful day within myself, within my community.

Nothing like starting a day off with a bicycle ride. I ended up riding a loop to DUMBO and back early this morning. I love rising and riding in NYC Sunday mornings before the traffic starts. From the Brookly Bridge Park I soaked in the industrial vistas and two of the NYC Waterfalls. The ride back was an all out workout. Grrrrr

Have a Rockin’ Good DAY
\m/ \m/