Declaration 20080723

I AM the big brother that gets the best calls from his sister now!

I just wrapped a conversation with my sister. She called me to tell me about all the little fires she is putting out. The fires she created before her own discovery. The fires she used to live in. Now, she is so confident it gives me chills just thinking about it. One thing she said that was very powerful for me, “People are hungry to talk”. She is so freakin’ present and it gives presence to me, presence to us.

I AM Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Peaceful, Loving and an Exciting FREE Man!

  • I’m committed to my work. I’m committed to learn. I’m committed to contribute.
  • I need to be flexible like the blade of grass.
  • The price I’m willing to pay is a discipline.
  • The payoff will be to find more with less. To be with what I may have thought I didn’t want. To be my own source.

\m/ \m/