Declaration 20080728 – A Gift


  • I’m committed to the spaces around me. Interacting with distinction as each one has a different circumstance.
  • I need to be Powerful and vibrant. Confident in my vibration. Worthy of all interaction.
  • I’m willing to live with my feelings of shortfalls withing the intention to do.
  • The payoff is to be the source of me and more connected and contributing to the lives of us.

Yesterday is the past. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is mystery.

Life is an amazing journey. Although I certainly have my stories, they aren’t mine but ours. Life is a verb and it’s been an outstanding pleasure to realize this action for myself and see it within all of you as we make this journey together. You all truly touch my life and give light to my candle.
Words can only point to the truth, so I’ll just say Thank You!