8/8/08 I felt lucky

I ventured out on my bicycle last Friday to the über hip and soon to be “Condoburg” of North Williamsburg to actually log all the web site URLs I could of the developments. I was doing this for research since many of my new web clients are in the real estate business. Well, to my surprise I was distracted from all the construction when I heard a loud drumming noise on Kent street. “Do they have concerts in this Park or has a hippie convention taken over before the condos do?” I wondered.

So, I ventured into East River State Park and came across the rehearsal for Boredoms’ 88Boadrum. I stopped to listen, take photos and enjoy the music, sun and views along the river. When they wrapped I found two friends of mine were on the drum kits! I said hello to artist/musician Frank Haines and musician John Lockie of the band Sightings.

The concept was done last year by the Boredoms on 7/7/07 and this 8/8/08 they are returning to it. The band is in the middle of three rings of drummers totaling 88, each with basic kits. I took photos and the following video. I love the unison of the drummers. As I pan across, watch for the man on the stage in the back right corner. He has a large stick which he uses to direct all the drummers for accents.