Declaration 20080816

I’m experiencing the joy and energy within, my breath, the smile on my face, the happiness from a recent conversation, the fly that just flew by, the hum of the fan, the taste of coffee…

I AM Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Peaceful, Loving and an Exciting FREE Man!

  • I’m committed today to be in the moment. I’m also committed to enjoy this day with friends, share my joy and declare to be a part of the celebration (not just there). I’m committed to be a giver and receiver today.
  • I need to be right where I am. I need to be joyful, present and contributing beyond my observant ways.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of putting off one desire for another. I’m willing to laugh at myself. I’m willing to pay the price of taking a stand.
  • My payoff will be another memory with great people. A journey and a space of possibility to know those around me beyond what I know.

Happy Happy Saturday