Declaration 20080901

What was that noise?! Well, good morning mess.

I AM a persistent squirrel!

  • I’m committed today to feeling like I’m in the suburbs with animals in my trash. I’m committed today to giving to the urban nature around me and receiving it’s gifts.
  • I need to be understanding, open to new solutions of co-inhabitants.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of being told by a squirrel that my plants need re-potting… by knocking them over. I’m willing to be the source of food for now.
  • My payoff will be a clean floor from mopping, shaken but happy plants and a squirrel that now has all the nuts it could ever eat.

Yesterday the squirrel that I usually see on the fire escape came right up to me and throughout the day, into the apartment 6 times by the back door. I should have know if I left the window open it would get in when we were all asleep. Lesson learned, only buy as much trail mix as you can eat in good time.

Love having what you have.