Declaration 20080911

It’s a heavy day for all of us in the U.S.

I AM a Citizen!

  • I’m committed today to be with my memories of this day 7 years ago. I’m committed to take the pain and feel what it means to me. I’m committed to being a citizen of a community of a city of a state of a country of a continent of a world.
  • I need to be one of many. I need to be significant, peaceful, helpful, loving…
  • I’m willing to pay the price that nothing is forever. I’m willing to bend with the challenges of change.
  • My payoff will be interaction with the challenges around me instead of feeling “small” or a victim. A payoff to Be with my community as opposed to just being in it.

I’m a bit under the weather myself and have been resting a lot. I can get lost in my own pain. When I step out of my box and pay attention to my community around me I realize it’s not just my pain. We are all hurting. Today just happens to be a day that our community can share and support each other with the obvious pains of 9/11. How about the other 364 days? I must remember to reach out of my personal pain and be aware that we can get through it together. Are you there for me? Do you feel that I’m here for you?