One Down, One to Go…

… To the Park we shall go!

For starters I really can’t believe how happy I am right now. I’m so happy that this fuzzy guy won’t be coming into my loft anymore. There should be another arriving today as well. For the longest time I thought it was just one that I could “teach” (scare the hell out of) it to not come into the apartment. Once I realized there were two and no matter how frightened I made (them as soon as I turned my back they were back at it) I had to do something to gain my boundaries back! They had become pests and I just wasn’t keen on them eating my food.

At first it was cute see one on the pipes with an unwrapped granola bar, eating away.

Another reason for such joy is from actually catching a wild animal. I think it’s primal. I can only imagine what a hunter’s experience is as I think it’s similar but for me being humane was part of the game.

With coffee in hand I took a nice long morning walk to McCarren Pool park and set him free. He ran straight up a tree. Good riddance!

On the sidewalk there were a lot of people heading to work. With the cage in hand there were some very curious people but they just couldn’t ask me what’s up. NYers will go out of the way to not talk to people even so to contort their bodies and turn away when being address. I had become one of them and was comfortable being so for many years. It’s my goal to come out of my personal cage and start with a “Hello”. I don’t bite.

“SNAP!” I just caught the second one – YAHOO!


  • Matt!

    I saw your tweets about this and was following along. I didn’t realize you were going to McCarren park with the critter, I would have surely stopped by to say hi and admire your prize.

  • nycbone

    Well third time is the charm as I just narrowly missed the third one. I had no idea I was feeding so many squirrels.

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  • Sis

    When my brother text me that he caught two squirrels I was in a meeting taking notes on the computer for a bunch of southern woman with many southern country stories.  I took advantage of a quick breather we had and showed everyone the pictures and told them of my brother’s ordeal.  The room quickly spun into a whirlwind of stories of their own.  It was fun to listen to!  You get em Dave!  And…they did tell me that you probably are feeding a lot more than 2…as I see you are finding out from you comment above :P  Luv ya man!

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