Declaration 20080917

I’m experiencing the cool morning breeze, the sound of an alarm outside, construction workers calling, birds at the bird feeder, my posture, the taste of coffee, a door creaking from the movement of the wind, the silence after an alarm…

I AM a Morning Stretch!

  • I’m committed today to resistance training within my intentions. I’m committed to realize where the force is coming from within my daily routines, my interactions with friends & family, and ultimately within my intentions. I’m committed to be patient. I’m committed to grow.
  • I need to be a winner. I need to be the space between the my intention and the resisting force.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of being confused and frustrated. I’m willing to perform repetition even if I think I’ve got it.
  • My payoff will be strength, understanding, flexibility, openness, responsibility to myself.

I’m keenly aware of all the activity around me at this very moment. The neighbors upstairs, the birds, the traffic, the wind, my plants, a passing airplane, the sun beam… so much energy. It truly is amazing. I ask myself where my place is within all of it? What is IT? First, I’ll stretch.