Declaration 20080922

Happy Monday!
Today is someones birthday.

I AM a Hero Student!

  • I’m committed today to my first week of being a hero student for myself. I’m committed to doing things this week I once said I would never do again… take a class test. I’m committed to do my homework, grow in my business and in my knowledge to make room for extra ordinary possibilities.
  • I need to be a student in class, dedicated beyond what is “cool”. I need to be an owner of my life, my business schedule, my class schedule.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of dedication and the amount of time I need to be focused this week.
  • My payoff will be an A+ on the test, A+ solutions, A+ testimonials from my clients.

It’s going to be a FULL week and I’m excited for sure. That’s not to say I’m not taking a break here and there. Tonight’s break and payoff for being focused today will be to watch the season premier of Heroes. Oh, I’m a geek alright.