Declaration 20080929

I’m experiencing the dry air, sun on the horizon, hum of the fan, taste of coffee, my posture, the need to stretch, my fingers on the keys, the noise of the upstairs neighbors, the sound of plain engines…

I AM my Own Man!

  • I’m committed today to a powerful meeting with clients. I’m also committed to a new experience with  Jewish friends as we celebrate Rosh Hashana. In relation I’m committed to take the time to reflect
  • I need to be accepting, loving, caring, open, confident, worthy, peaceful.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of seeing all reflections of my self.
  • My payoff will be an experience beyond my boundaries. An understanding of others. A contribution to the feeling of oneness.

Today will certainly be an interesting one. I realize I have feeling of nervousness. A new client and festivities I know nothing about. I’m glad I can realize I have these feelings and extra happy I’m able to walk into them as well. Today is my day!