Declaration 20081009

Deeeeeep Breath…


  • I’m committed today to starve the pig in my head. The entity that is stuck in a one track loop. I’m committed today to break out of the shell that is growing thick this week. I’m committed to get back on the feeling of IT and less on the thinking.
  • I need to be Powerful, Confident and Worthy of me, Us. I need to recharge my intention.
  • I’m willing to pay the price of time and effort. I’m willing not to know the path.
  • My payoff will be effortless solutions, greater strength, feeling the solutions, not getting tripped up on the small stuff, a community of one(ness).

As you do more you doubt more. At least there is more opportunity to doubt yourself. It’s part of the game of life. I very much enjoy being a player… I need to remember to BE before I DO though. Keep my head up and walk with the challenges instead of ramming into them. Be the solutions.


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