Declaration 20081110

It’s been a while since I’ve even declared in private. I’ve noticed the effect it has on my life and how my daily life all has slowed down, is less powerful, is undetermined… is in some kind of trying mode. That’s not to say change isn’t happening but I believe the change I’m riding now was sparked when I was (not too long ago) feeling what I was and what I wanted rather than the cerebral (more recent) desires/questions.

Which version of myself takes more energy? Which version of myself delivers efficiently? Which version of me has a negligent price from the payoff? Which form of me has paralleled effects on the world around me?

I also want to pay notice to those around me that have been examples and one strong one being my sister. Happy Birthday Sis! I love you and you are one of those rare source or flame those noticing you, receive light from.

I AM Powerful, Confident, Worthy, Peaceful, Loving and an Exciting FREE Man!

  • I’m committed today to just that… commitment. I will write down what has been looping in my head. I will free myself from the doubt and questions that have answers.
  • I need to be free from thought
  • I’m willing to pay the price of being the difference. I’m willing to be a part of the change growing all around me.
  • My payoff will be in the source of oneness.