My Tweets on 2008-11-10

  • I had a stuffed artichoke to die for tonight. Yes, I would be fine if this is my last night in heaven. #
  • Happy HAPPY Birthday to my little sister! We will be the same age for the next 41 days. #
  • FYI those fake chop sticks, the ones that are over sized clothes pins, are harder to use than the real thing. Next time I BYOC! #
  • In my book, celery is the red headed stepchild of soup. #
  • I signed up for email from & today. Hopeful it will change the kind of SPAM I get… to above the belt. #
  • @arcanearts of course! It was a joke :o) #
  • WHAT?! Just send an email and it will be posted to the web. #
  • Remember when Sis? My first test of A photo from 1974! #

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