My Tweets on 2008-11-12

  • Upper West Side Girl… here I come! #
  • Snore Bear has been sent home…at least regretingly. #
  • On the subway I had a conversation of mastery with Joe… the Ex Con. Talked about life & love. #
  • @mattbrooklyn About the NYTimes photos… I couldn’t agree more. Tnx for the link. #
  • wishin’ for that pizza pie in the sky now instead of 3 hours from now. #
  • I’ve oversubscribe. Newsletters, rss feeds, blogging, tweets, Flickring. Don’t I have a job?! Maybe not but Ihomework #
  • I’ve oversubscribed. Newsletters, rss feeds, blogging, tweets… Don’t I have a job?! A card in my wallet says I’m a student though. #
  • Oh CRAP! Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete delete, delete, delete… where is the delete button on this thing?! #

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