My Tweets on 2008-11-13

  • BYOW Pizza Time! #
  • OH that was worth every Lactaid pill. #
  • Enjoying coffee on a sidewalk bench before it rains. Delivery trucks and baby strollers abound #
  • Bench thought: You can’t reason someone out of what they haven’t been reasoned into. #
  • The rain is falling and I’m at my desk wrapping up a brunch of sushi. Time to do some homework. #
  • “I`ve been thinking of a new direction. But i have to say I`ve been thinking about my own protection. It scares me to feel this way.” #
  • Slumlord is on his way over, with son, to “fix” the leaky roof… riiiiight. After 4 patches you would think this need was a no-brainer. #

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