Queens, NY Adventure: Minangasli

Indonesian Venue: Minangasli

86-10 Whitney Ave., Flushing, NY (Elmhurst)

If you do a Google search for “Minangasli” you see the local tabloids started to point this place out in 2006. I would simply say it dropped from the heavens in 2006 and thankfully landed a short train ride from my front door.

One of the dishes I came to try and moan in delight at every bite of was what NYTimes called “Indonesian Penicillin“. Did you see that photo? That’s a hard boiled fried egg. Just a finishing touch to an amazingly fresh eat. My friend and I tried 4 dishes. She went home with two orders of the for-mentioned soup! There is a lot of flavor and when we received some of our dishes the waitress told us to, “…look out for those small things there.” The warning was appreciated and observed as I ate the fresh hot peppers. It’s not all hot but it is all very tasty.

There is no need for me to talk about this place too much because the following have, complete with photos (since I forgot to take my camera out of the bag)!

WAIT TWO WEEKS from this post, as they told us they were closing down for renovations. I really can’t believe I almost showed up when this place was closed. The stars were aligned tonight!

What are you waiting for already? Go!