2009 Photo Bug Bite

Recently enjoying a good photo printer | curiosity of mail art | digital collage | the onslaught of trees on the sidewalk |

Photography projects and series I’m currently realizing and developing.

project: Postcards

Properly Saved in Mail

  • Mail art
  • High resolution digital/photo collages within the limit of a postcard, 4×6 and 5×7
  • Project in process
  • The progress of the process is mailed
  • Purpose of communication

series: The Dogs

My Best Friends

This idea started after a few consecutive visits to my friend’s apartment, when I’m getting ready to leave and realizing the repetitiveness of the action. Each time I visited the last “scene” of my visits was very similar. This similarity made me aware of my repetitive actions/observations of other dogs in my life. This series is starting with Isabella.

  • Collage(s) of one dog, taken during a single visit.
  • There are recognized moments of repetition. The repetition of the visit results in capturing like moments linking each visit. The action usually happens once per visit, over days, although a short moment could result in a lot of the same. Like playing fetch. This series is the moment of like moments in over time. OK, whatever. Photos of dogs I love too.
  • Pay attention to certain moments (the ones I usually recognize). The entry, the exit, the calm activity, the usual activity… whatever develops.
  • Started a Flickr set which will be evolving, The Dogs, Postcard (starting with the three 4×6 postcard sketches, in this post)

series: The Trees


The onslaught of discarded Christmas trees on the sidewalk reignited an idea I had last year. I picked up my camera again and really started shooting. With the eye open for one kind of shot, you find one you didn’t know you were looking for

  • Current duration:  Dec. 2007, Dec. 2008
  • Sort of a practice in repetition, especially when there are more than you can shoot.
  • Sort of automated with one or two running ideas but nothing concrete on why I’m taking these photos. The only thought I’ve had so far is to stand them back up.
  • Post on Flickr, a Collection with each set within displaying a series of photos in different fashion.

There’ll be more for sure.