Taking a Challenge of a Challenge


OK, OK, I’m IN!

A long friend and currently fellow “sedentary, computer clicking monkey,” Globatron has begun the President’s Fitness Challenge. Globatron started a group, ID number 85648, and has posted easy steps for joining if you’re so inclined to move with the group.

I think signing up for one of three challenging levels @ THE PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE took all of 5 minutes.

I’m heeding Globatron’s challenge because:

  • I don’t remember where my patch is from grade school
  • I’m developing a hunchback here at the desk
  • The child in me really wants that patch again
  • If it’s to be, who else will get me the patch?

OK, so let’s see if I can keep this up more than the friend that refutes that last question.



  • Globatron is honored to have you join the challenge. I feel the same way about the patch as you it seems. Even though that was a small token of achievement at the time, if I could have that same patch as an adult at my current fitness level I’d indeed be a proud computer clicking monkey.

    I’m on my fifth day of training and although I know I don’t look any differently, I feel differently. I seem to be holding my back up straighter and when I walk I can feel my legs. It’s raining again today so I’m going to do cross training at my make shift home gym. Which consists of push-ups and crunches and jump rope. Pretty simple really. I think I’ll work out to my new workout remix today too in repeat:

    Congrats Dave. Look forward to achieving this small accomplishment with you.

    Look forward to seeing your progress throughout the weeks. 3 hours of home repair is definitely worth 696 points.

  • Is Barack Obama in on the challenge too?

  • I don’t think this program has been highlighted by Barack Obama. I could possibly argue that it should be a part of his health reform (ha) but really, I just remember this program as a kid. My roommate remembers 5 levels of this patch!

    Now accessible to any one online.

    This last day of my first week, I got up early and before coffee did a 45 minute brisk walk. Very small step but one I find myself proud of.

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