Hey Mom.

Hey Mom, I think this is where I broke your kneecap. Found it on Google Earth.

Nudge… Nudge, I’ll never forget that day.

Love, Your Son :)

Your Farmers Market

Union Square Greenmarket photo uploaded by x-eyedblonde

After watching FOOD Inc. on Public TV’s POV show and then promptly following, being reminded from an app that I’m not paying attention to my calories anymore… Well, I’m going to make a point to notice the farmer’s market I walk through on the way to work. Slow down and just recognize some options.

OK, I could be more aware.
Step 1: Let me ask you…

Do you know of a good resource for knowing what foods are in season?

If you live in the northern part of Brooklyn, NY or work in Manhattan, what farmer’s markets do you like? Why do you like ‘em?


Love, Tsunami

artwork collage

After watching Beautiful Losers yesterday, I had to create something for myself.

The movie was interesting to me for its subject matter but also because the events that were happening in the group of artists featured, were all happening around me when I first got to NYC. I remember seeing these artists in galleries back then so I felt connected.