Love, Tsunami

artwork collage

After watching Beautiful Losers yesterday, I had to create something for myself.

The movie was interesting to me for its subject matter but also because the events that were happening in the group of artists featured, were all happening around me when I first got to NYC. I remember seeing these artists in galleries back then so I felt connected.

1995 Portrait of David Bone by Hiram Santiago

Portrait Hiram Santiago shot of me one night of hanging out in his studio in 1995.

I found this today and thought to document it digitally… and egg on a few comments from those of you that only know my as a woolly mammoth of hair ownership.  So for me, this is one of those old photos which give another memory at every glance. Almost 15 years later, I thank you Hiram.

Flicker find: Peace Yo

Peace Yo, originally uploaded by HabitForming.

I like this sticker a lot and it makes me think, “Like, what’s up Peace!?”
It gives me a little nostalgic feeling too.

What if… Peace was one of our closest friends and every once in a while we were surprised by an action of Peace.