Taking a Challenge of a Challenge


OK, OK, I’m IN!

A long friend and currently fellow “sedentary, computer clicking monkey,” Globatron has begun the President’s Fitness Challenge. Globatron started a group, ID number 85648, and has posted easy steps for joining if you’re so inclined to move with the group.

I think signing up for one of three challenging levels @ THE PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE took all of 5 minutes.

I’m heeding Globatron’s challenge because:

  • I don’t remember where my patch is from grade school
  • I’m developing a hunchback here at the desk
  • The child in me really wants that patch again
  • If it’s to be, who else will get me the patch?

OK, so let’s see if I can keep this up more than the friend that refutes that last question.


Trees in the Clouds

When I look down the street and see all these trees in a row, completely white and reflecting the sun it feels like I’m in the clouds. Heavenly really.

Even in my concrete jungle it doesn’t take much to notice that Spring is in full swing. The temperature is still chilly but the birds are building nests, the squirrels are stealing from the feeder and the trees are dropping seeds. The leaves aren’t out yet so it gives me the chance too to follow a few woodpeckers I’ve noticed recently from tree to tree. That and the occasional bird of prey would be the most exotic birds I observe around here but I’ll take it. Oh, maybe you would call dozens of pigeons flying in circles above the coop down the street exotic too.

When I pay attention and realize what nature is saying, it usually is the birds making a particular noise when the squirrel is on the feeder. Ha! I feel like they are training me to scare away the intruder.

Enjoy your nature.

Skateboarding in Afghanistan

On NYTimes.com check out the article and really get into the story when you watch the video.

The story of skateboarding in Afghanistan really caught my eye. I think about how it got started. I can only come up with the idea, he was just open for anything to happen when he started to follow his girlfriend to Afghanistan. That includes nothing.

I must admit I wondered what will happen to the spirits of the girls when they can’t skate anymore. Those kids look like they are enjoying a freedom they haven’t been able to play when they skate. I guess the answer is in the now. Now, they are having the time of their lives.

TED Talks: Robert Lang: Idea + square = origami

I’ve always had a love for origami. I’ve made a few basic objects before and love giving it as a present. If I think about it origami for me was always a kid thing. It holds the wonders of a child. It is simplicity, creative and was inspired by nature.

Well this talk presented origami in all it’s splendar. I really had no idea just how far origami had advanced and the contributions it makes in solving scientific problems. Very cool.

TED link to the talk
TED Full Bio of Origamist Rober Lang

Robert Lang’s Web Site

This site is great (www.langorigami.com) because it pays attention to both disciplines of origami, the artistic side and the scientific side. You’ll understand more after you watch the talk but for those on the science side there is a lot of explanation and the extra ordinary contribution is Robert’s computational works he gives out free for your own origami desires.

I find the crease patterns to be art alone.