Traditional Pop – Sugartime

I saw some archival footage of the McGuire Sisters today singing the song Sugartime. It wasn’t the following video but around the same time. I was mesmerized by the three women, the simplicity of the song and appreciated an era before reality TV. It really was an innocent time. Perhaps a bit naive too.


So I booted songbird and found some mp3s of a sisters’ greatest hits album
For some information I went to

Regina Spektor – My introduction

Heard the interview and music of Regina Spektor on my local NPR station – WNYC. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. It made me stop whatever I was doing and listen. It was emotional for me beyond explanation. So I went on to iTunes and bought some music of hers. I have to say the two unpublished songs she sang in the the studio are the only two that struck me so, so far. So take some time to listen to the interview which includes the songs Folding Chair and Lucky Penny.

She will be at the McCarren Pool this Friday.
This is her comprehensive website.

8/8/08 I felt lucky

I ventured out on my bicycle last Friday to the über hip and soon to be “Condoburg” of North Williamsburg to actually log all the web site URLs I could of the developments. I was doing this for research since many of my new web clients are in the real estate business. Well, to my surprise I was distracted from all the construction when I heard a loud drumming noise on Kent street. “Do they have concerts in this Park or has a hippie convention taken over before the condos do?” I wondered.

So, I ventured into East River State Park and came across the rehearsal for Boredoms’ 88Boadrum. I stopped to listen, take photos and enjoy the music, sun and views along the river. When they wrapped I found two friends of mine were on the drum kits! I said hello to artist/musician Frank Haines and musician John Lockie of the band Sightings.

The concept was done last year by the Boredoms on 7/7/07 and this 8/8/08 they are returning to it. The band is in the middle of three rings of drummers totaling 88, each with basic kits. I took photos and the following video. I love the unison of the drummers. As I pan across, watch for the man on the stage in the back right corner. He has a large stick which he uses to direct all the drummers for accents.