Love, Tsunami

artwork collage

After watching Beautiful Losers yesterday, I had to create something for myself.

The movie was interesting to me for its subject matter but also because the events that were happening in the group of artists featured, were all happening around me when I first got to NYC. I remember seeing these artists in galleries back then so I felt connected.

Was I?

I think I was in a Western. While at my desk today, I heard two hawk siren calls. It didn’t register right away.

When my brain finally came to question the sound, I walked out the back door and looked up. Sure enough, there was a hawk circling. As if in a Western, I walked through the saloon doors and followed the hawk as it soared to the highest point in the town (my neighborhood), to the cross at the top of the steeple. That’s when I realized I should have had a steady hand, ready to draw. Too late.

It’s the little things – diatoms

diatomsSomewhere along the line, in a science class, I was told about Diatoms and how they are used in the paint on the streets to make it more reflective. Every time I see newly painted lines now, I stop and look at the Diatom dust. Kinda amazing me that this was mined from the ocean and now it’s dust in a gutter, on it’s way back to the waters around NYC.

Wikipedia: Diatoms and Chromalveolate

My Aura, Captured

This has been sitting on my desk for some time and I thought to post it. I have no idea how to translate the image but I find myself looking at it from time to time, intrigued. The details are subtle.

I had a great time that day with my long time friend Adrienne and a group of her Portland friends in town for the Renegade Art Fair in Brooklyn that weekend. I enjoyed this unique experience (would not have gone on my own) and if Feng Shui is your thing, the people at Magic Jewelry in Chinatown were friendly and knowledgeable.

Sunday Bike Ride

I finally got my bike tuned up the other day from Bike Works in the LES of Manhattan, which means no excuses left for getting on the bike, right? Well to my surprise I found a flat this morning, so that could have been an excuse, but today starts my third week of the President’s Challenge I joined and I simply don’t want to miss any days I can prevent. Funny how this little patch I’m aiming for is keeping me on track.

Today’s Entry:
The following map shows a familiar ride for me. I usually take my time in one direction and pump it as hard the opposite. Basically the goal is to get to the Socrates Sculpture Park and back. To my surprise it’s a 12.5 mile loop.

Today’s ride to the Socrates Sculpture Park and back

I like to revisit this path each year to see how the neighborhoods and parks along the way have changed. This year was a big surprise for me in the Long Island City area. Nice new parks along the water to go with the towering condo buildings. Google maps doesn’t even show all the new ones yet. I’ve also marked a few spots that are great places to slow down, take a break or have a picnic/BBQ along the river.

Oh! Most of this route has a dedicated bike path lane too -