Hey Mom.

Hey Mom, I think this is where I broke your kneecap. Found it on Google Earth.

Nudge… Nudge, I’ll never forget that day.

Love, Your Son :)

Head in the Clouds

While checking up on the submissions to my Flickr pool Aeroplane: In Flight I was stopped by this photo for a while.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that recent submissions have been staying true to the rules. Not so much editing as just admiring the photography.

Photo Moments

Dusted off the camera. Felt great. Posted these immediately. Back to work…

It’s the little things – diatoms

diatomsSomewhere along the line, in a science class, I was told about Diatoms and how they are used in the paint on the streets to make it more reflective. Every time I see newly painted lines now, I stop and look at the Diatom dust. Kinda amazing me that this was mined from the ocean and now it’s dust in a gutter, on it’s way back to the waters around NYC.

Wikipedia: Diatoms and Chromalveolate