Manhattan Observations

I had to go into the city to meet my client Alyssa Dineen, drop off assets and an invoice (yahoo!) as well as run a few other errands. It was a little cool but I was loving it as long as I was walking on the sunny site of the street.

While I was downtown around Canal St. and all the Chinatown business that goes on there I was watching the foot traffic. I actually stopped because I was on the phone and found a fairly quiet corner to talk on (yeah right), but then I started to noticed people hanging out in their mini-vans. The door would slide open and just one at a time would exit. I soon realized they were the illegal sidewalk dealers. Asian women walking the sidewalks with laminated printouts of knockoff purses that tourists buy. They huddle around them, point at thumbnails and make a deal!

As I walked on I continued my calls and admired the activity all the way to the SoHo Apple Store to get me a new battery and computer bag.