Laugh Riot! on Kickstarter

A quick share here:
I’ve just been introduced to Kickstarter through a friend that has created a card game called Laugh Riot! Kickstarter provides a way to get funding for a project you have. Check it out.

SNL Palin & Clinton Parody

A funny opening political skit on Saturday Night Live about Palin and Clinton.  Too bad Obama didn’t get to perform his cameo on the show. Those pesky hurricanes seem to change plans unexpectedly.

Not even 24 hours have the show this video is the posted everywhere, friends are talking about it and even the NY Times.

BOLLYWOOD Disco Dancer

BOLLYWOOD DISCO DJ REKHA EVENTI VJed this BOLLYWOOD DISCO event as part of Paul Clay‘s FICTIVE a couple days ago. The theme song “I Am A Disco Dancer” is still echoing in my head. There are many clips of this cult classic BOLLYWOOD movie Disco Dancer on YouTube.

I love the cheese factor!


I’ll add a few photos to this post when I get a chance.

Self Image

Makes you wonder what animal they would cast you as.
Warning: Don’t watch with your mouth full.