Was I?

I think I was in a Western. While at my desk today, I heard two hawk siren calls. It didn’t register right away.

When my brain finally came to question the sound, I walked out the back door and looked up. Sure enough, there was a hawk circling. As if in a Western, I walked through the saloon doors and followed the hawk as it soared to the highest point in the town (my neighborhood), to the cross at the top of the steeple. That’s when I realized I should have had a steady hand, ready to draw. Too late.

Discovery Event, July 10th – 13th

Title: Discovery
Location: Huntington Holiday Inn, LI
Description: Staff supporting Discovery event.
Start Date: 2008-07-10
End Date: 2008-07-13

I’ll be staff supporting for this Discovery class. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or wish to know my personal experience from taking this class in Jan. of 2008.

To learn more about this class, visit this page on CEC’s website.

Blind Painter

At first I experienced thoughts of doubt that this was even possible. What a premise. Continuation of which makes me wonder how does one come to wanting to be an artist when they have never seen what they portray? I find this way beyond “interesting”. I find this an extra ordinary example of possibility. Could you have even thought this possible in the first place? Would you have even of had that thought in the first place? I find this man enlightened with a consciousness beyond ordinary.


Part of the The Real Superhumans show on Discovery Channel.