Laugh Riot! on Kickstarter

A quick share here:
I’ve just been introduced to Kickstarter through a friend that has created a card game called Laugh Riot! Kickstarter provides a way to get funding for a project you have. Check it out.

Taking a Challenge of a Challenge


OK, OK, I’m IN!

A long friend and currently fellow “sedentary, computer clicking monkey,” Globatron has begun the President’s Fitness Challenge. Globatron started a group, ID number 85648, and has posted easy steps for joining if you’re so inclined to move with the group.

I think signing up for one of three challenging levels @ THE PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE took all of 5 minutes.

I’m heeding Globatron’s challenge because:

  • I don’t remember where my patch is from grade school
  • I’m developing a hunchback here at the desk
  • The child in me really wants that patch again
  • If it’s to be, who else will get me the patch?

OK, so let’s see if I can keep this up more than the friend that refutes that last question.



Another great day with friends. The rain held off again and I even got some work done too. All the weekend’s photos are in this set on flickr. Most are of my friends but I managed to find other shots of the streets. Taking my camera out again has given me a feeling like that of Spring. I feel I’m part of Spring by taking my camera out again.

Spring & Brunch Reunite

Had an awesome day today in Williamsburg with friends. Beautiful day as the rain held back. Ate brunch and took a walk with some very long time friends. I can’t remember when we were all together. It was a unique day in the company I had.

The face shots are from brunch and I gave instruction to, “Take a shot of the person sitting across from you.”

Then the others are sidewalk talk in Brooklyn, Williamsburg north side area.

Really enjoyed taking photos after so long not.