Regina Spektor – My introduction

Heard the interview and music of Regina Spektor on my local NPR station – WNYC. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. It made me stop whatever I was doing and listen. It was emotional for me beyond explanation. So I went on to iTunes and bought some music of hers. I have to say the two unpublished songs she sang in the the studio are the only two that struck me so, so far. So take some time to listen to the interview which includes the songs Folding Chair and Lucky Penny.

She will be at the McCarren Pool this Friday.
This is her comprehensive website.

Life is Beautiful

I think the world of my friend Dr. John Balsamo. He is a unique individual and makes a difference in this world with his actions. He supports his friends and those in the neighborhood or on another continent. He is mind, body and spirit conscious and applies this in his chiropractic practice Life is Beautiful. It my pleasure to share this video about Dr. John Balsamo, my chiropractor.