Kim & John’s Pool Party

Fun in the Sun

Boy was I glad we waited for the hurricane to pass. The following day was absolutely perfect and the time together couldn’t have been more fun… well for those that didn’t get thrown into the pool anyhow. Brand new pool, friends, family, catered BBQ and home made dishes, kids everywhere, cotton candy, fun in the sun…

After I finally figured out the sound system and got the music vibrations working on the deck, most of the time I was in the pool playing with the kids or stuffing my face from the troughs of food. Barely remembering I had the camera I was able to get a few photos taken with the help of Yoram.

Let’s thank Kim & John for starters! Thanks for building a brand new pool (haha) and opening up their amazing home for all of us to come together and share a wonderful time. I also want to thank Glen because you were definitely a big player in this and then simply I want to thank everyone that came. I was looking forward to seeing each and every one of you.


Jump In!

Click a thumbnail to see the full shot on Flickr or go to the complete photo set on my Flickr account. We ended up taking 90 shots!

(FYI: The photos on Flickr aren’t the largest version I have so let me know if you would like the largest version to print. For those that saw Yoram’s prints from the torch ceremony, he printed them at


New Garden(ers)

New Garden & Indy I’m so excited for my friends Curt & Caroline and their new ventures into gardening. I visited recently for a baby back rib BBQ and took the photo of the new garden. I’ll be living vicariously and in a few weeks I’ll be the attending gardener while they are in Alaska for a couple weeks.

They are blogging about their efforts and experiences here Check their site because everything is growing fast and they are taking photos.