Trees in the Clouds

When I look down the street and see all these trees in a row, completely white and reflecting the sun it feels like I’m in the clouds. Heavenly really.

Even in my concrete jungle it doesn’t take much to notice that Spring is in full swing. The temperature is still chilly but the birds are building nests, the squirrels are stealing from the feeder and the trees are dropping seeds. The leaves aren’t out yet so it gives me the chance too to follow a few woodpeckers I’ve noticed recently from tree to tree. That and the occasional bird of prey would be the most exotic birds I observe around here but I’ll take it. Oh, maybe you would call dozens of pigeons flying in circles above the coop down the street exotic too.

When I pay attention and realize what nature is saying, it usually is the birds making a particular noise when the squirrel is on the feeder. Ha! I feel like they are training me to scare away the intruder.

Enjoy your nature.

NY Botanical Gardens

The trip to the gardens was initiated by the last weekend of the orchid show and ultimately my awesome friend Jeanne.

Click on the photo to view a few more shots.

Besides a rather wet and rainy day it didn’t dampen the show. Actually it made me want to see the thousands of orchids I remembered seeing at the New York International Orchid Show back in 2007. I was telling Jeanne all about it rather excitedly. Today though, I’ve come to realize it is no longer. What a disappointment since it was such a grand event. If anyone knows of similar shows for 2009 in the NYC area, please let me know where I can learn more – thanks.

STOP: Brooklyn Sunset

This sunset stopped me in my tracks. Sure, in a place like Florida perhaps you would expect this kind of thing on the way to the car but here in Brooklyn it’s been really crummy weather. I was on my way to a friend’s party and happened to have the camera with me. I scolded myself when I second guessed taking a photo or not.

Did it Strike the Empire State Building?

I’m pretty sure it did but you be the judge.
Taken while a big storm was rolling in. I’ve been waiting for the cold air behind it for some time now. Sleeping with the windows open for a change, enjoying the coolness but for how much this storm took up the conversation in the news, it wasn’t much rain here in WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn.