Photo Moments

Dusted off the camera. Felt great. Posted these immediately. Back to work…

Highlights of Aeroplane In Flight Pool

Editing the Aeroplane In Flight pool as creator and administrator. A few recent highlights…

No céu - In the sky

This seems like satellite camouflage.

UTair Aviation VQ-BAD Boeing 737-500

Find this so clean and geometric. Kind of endless. View the largest version

Chipmunks waterfall - IMG_1516abc

Alf – in Farum’s contribution to this pool is unique. As the second of the top five contributers, I didn’t think I’d get this type of aerial photography when I started this pool. Nice surprise.

Please, if you have photos from the airplane, feel free to add to Aeroplane In Flight pool.

Flickr find: Wedding day

Wedding day, originally uploaded by anto-XIII.

I’m diggin’ this original wedding photo idea. Well, maybe it’s not an original idea but I finally found a photo of it. ;-)