Queens, NY Adventure: Minangasli

Indonesian Venue: Minangasli

86-10 Whitney Ave., Flushing, NY (Elmhurst)

If you do a Google search for “Minangasli” you see the local tabloids started to point this place out in 2006. I would simply say it dropped from the heavens in 2006 and thankfully landed a short train ride from my front door.

One of the dishes I came to try and moan in delight at every bite of was what NYTimes called “Indonesian Penicillin“. Did you see that photo? That’s a hard boiled fried egg. Just a finishing touch to an amazingly fresh eat. My friend and I tried 4 dishes. She went home with two orders of the for-mentioned soup! There is a lot of flavor and when we received some of our dishes the waitress told us to, “…look out for those small things there.” The warning was appreciated and observed as I ate the fresh hot peppers. It’s not all hot but it is all very tasty.

There is no need for me to talk about this place too much because the following have, complete with photos (since I forgot to take my camera out of the bag)!

WAIT TWO WEEKS from this post, as they told us they were closing down for renovations. I really can’t believe I almost showed up when this place was closed. The stars were aligned tonight!

What are you waiting for already? Go!

Chinatown, Flushing Queens

I’ve spent 12 years in this area of Brooklyn and the surroundings boroughs. At times I think I’m a NYer but you know there is so much to experience in the city you don’t even bother thinking you know what it means to be one. It’s an essence.

Whatever it means to be a NYer, in my view, the verbs of life would include adventure and discovering. Get out the door and find your favorite hide aways within all the activity. At very least it means having a friend that searches for all things delicious. Oh Yeah!

Just BE a New Yorker!

I can add one more notch to my NYC belt thanks to Steph. She visited the Chinatown in Flushing Queens a couple of months ago and since said she has been returning every couple of weeks to get her fill. I was the lucky one she took this time.

In short the food was delicious, the streets packed, the occasional word of English, a lot of finger pointing and one word exchanges… I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath in remembrance. Yum. In the center of Chinatown it may be hectic but you take a bite and you forget about all around you and the noise becomes part of the bite as well.

We visited many places and one turn took us through a doorway, down a hall and into a mall off sorts filled with many small vendors and tables/seats filling in the rest of the space. Steam bubbling from pots, nods of heads to greet us, string noodles being stretched, curious eyes upon us we walked right in and Steph took me to her favorite dishes.

Just get up there and enjoy it for yourself… with friends of course. If you go alone nobody will believe you when you return. The following links will give you a head start. Enjoy!

Friend at the bus stop

dollhouse bus billboard 2

I get a complete kick

…out of seeing my friend’s work in public. Saw this and another billboard at bus stops in Yoram’s Queens neighborhood. They were styled by Signe Yberg and you can see these adverts in her online portfolio under Advertising 1.