TED Talks: Robert Lang: Idea + square = origami

I’ve always had a love for origami. I’ve made a few basic objects before and love giving it as a present. If I think about it origami for me was always a kid thing. It holds the wonders of a child. It is simplicity, creative and was inspired by nature.

Well this talk presented origami in all it’s splendar. I really had no idea just how far origami had advanced and the contributions it makes in solving scientific problems. Very cool.

TED link to the talk
TED Full Bio of Origamist Rober Lang

Robert Lang’s Web Site

This site is great (www.langorigami.com) because it pays attention to both disciplines of origami, the artistic side and the scientific side. You’ll understand more after you watch the talk but for those on the science side there is a lot of explanation and the extra ordinary contribution is Robert’s computational works he gives out free for your own origami desires.

I find the crease patterns to be art alone.


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