Timelapse Video of California Fires

I’ve only heard a little about these fires on WNYC each day, so during this morning’s coffee I did a search on NYTimes.com and found California Wildfires Seen From Space with very crisp satellite photos and a reference to time lapse videos which really caught my attention as a removed artist.

This is the video linked in that NYTimes article

Here is a related video:
This is a time-lapse video shot from a outdoor camera of the La Canada Flintridge Station Fire. This video begins August 28, 2009 at 6:16 pm and ends on August 29, 2009 at 6:06 pm. …”

I like the framing of this one, with a pool in the foreground, even though it’s obviously a security camera. Later in this time lapse, the fire plumes make me think this fire is getting very close the next morning. I wonder if these people were evacuated?

Traditional Pop – Sugartime

I saw some archival footage of the McGuire Sisters today singing the song Sugartime. It wasn’t the following video but around the same time. I was mesmerized by the three women, the simplicity of the song and appreciated an era before reality TV. It really was an innocent time. Perhaps a bit naive too.


So I booted songbird and found some mp3s of a sisters’ greatest hits album
For some information I went to

July 4th Activities

My First Professional Fireworks Gig

This was an amazing day for me! I woke up knowing I would go out to Long Island but had no idea I would be helping my friend John Balsamo spending 9 hours wiring up fireworks. Besides getting a red neck I had the time of my life. The biggest payoff was sharing the event with many of our friends who came to the party to see what John does… pyrotechnics!


This video of the event was taken by my friend Yoram


The following photos are the first 75 in a set of 120.
Please visit my nycbone Flickr set to see them all.

Time to get a headset!

Cell Phone Popcorn


How many cellphones do each one of them have? Seems like they each have 2 doesn’t it?